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Chiropractic care services in Dorchester, Dorset

Reduce pain and discomfort | Improve movement and posture | Gain optimal wellbeing and fitness

Initial assessment and examination

A thorough history analysis and skilled evaluation of your needs.



Stimulation of specific points in the body using thin steel needles. 

Active release therapy

A non-invasive therapy to correct soft tissue restrictions.


Corrective exercise therapy

An injury-specific structured programme for rehabilitation.

Shockwave therapy

An alternative technique for pain relief and mobility restoration.

New Insoles


Biomechanical alignment with extra foot and body support.

Chiropractic treatments focused on patient empowerment

At F.I.T.T. CHIROPRACTIC, we offer the highest standard of patient care. We aim to treat all patients with integrity, devotion, and compassion.


Our mission is to help you regain function and improve your overall quality of life through education, therapeutic techniques, and exercise prescriptions tailored to you.. We are committed to identifying your core issues, developing your knowledge and providing you with solutions in order to re-define the way you move and feel.

From musculoskeletal pain to sport specific conditioning, our unique and progressive treatment will address the cause of your pathology, treat your symptoms and get you to return to optimal well being and fitness.

Initial Assessment




Initial assessment and examination

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Chiropractic Clinic

During your initial visit we will discuss the symptoms or issues that are keeping you from optimum health. We will also discuss your lifestyle and job requirements, as those will be important for goal setting.


We will take a thorough history and perform a skilled evaluation that involves tests and measures so we can properly diagnose and formulate an action plan. This will include treatment and education to support you in getting you to where you want to be as quickly as possible.


You can expect a thorough summary of your assessment findings including causes and underlying issues that need to be addressed, lifestyle modifications and an array of possible interventions.

Initial examination includes:


History Intake


Education on Diagnosis

Prognosis and lifestyle modifications

Exercise prescription

Plan of Action and Goal Setting 

Initial Treatment

Follow-Up Treatments

During a follow-up visit, we will discuss any new findings or updates, then re-assess with tests and measures that are necessary. 


We take your time seriously and will work hard to get you back feeling great and moving with ease as quickly as possible.

Continued Care at FITT Chiropractic

Follow-ups include:



Review of prescribed exercises 

Education on current status 

Prognosis and renewed exercise prescription 


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