Amelia is currently working at F.I.T.T. Chiropractic part-time whilst she attends college training to be

a hairdresser.  In her spare time, Amelia enjoys going out with her friends and loves going to the gym

to keep herself active.  



'I joined F.I.T.T. Chiropractic in September 2020 and am very pleased to be part of such a great team,

welcoming all patients in the most helpful way that I can '


Carys studies French, German and Mandarin at university but is currently undertaking her online

Mandarin classes from Beijing as part of her online 'year abroad'.  In her spare time,

she also studies Spanish and British Sign Language as well as enjoys going for walks on the beach.



I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed a career within the local Community Occupational

Therapy Team.  During which time I have worked with adults and children with disabilities,

enabling them to be as independent as possible.  

I am fortunate to now be supporting my professional colleagues as part of the FITT

Chiropractic team, where my organisational and creative skills are put to good use.